Why do start-ups need IT policies?

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Before we get to IT policies let’s talk a little about why start-ups need policies.

It is essential for organizations to develop policy. They say that “an organization without policy is an organization without control.” It is not enough that you have an organization, first, we need policies so that policies can make and execute a decision. The organization will have multiple departments and those departments will have multiple managers, if there are no policies then every manager will have its own policy, or nobody decides. There can be a situation the manager says ‘No’ to something whereas a higher manager gives ‘YES’, which means that you don’t have a policy. To have an organizational policy in place that assists decision makers to work more professionally instead of thinking about what I should do. May I take this decision, or should I ask someone else?

For every decision does an employee need to knock the supervisor’s door to ask, “What should we do”? The answer should be NO. So, what do we need to do? We should have the policies, that’s true. But we need to understand that, if we don’t have policies, nothing can be done, but if we have policies and we don’t enforce these policies, still, nothing can be done.

There is no doubt that the aim of every business is to grow, eventually, growth in business means growth in the size of the organization. It’s always better to start with the good practice rather than waiting for the mistaken and then correcting them we need to have a policy. To build an effective organization, policies are important, which will monitor the system for the betterment of any organization and the organization’s ethics.

Now why do we need IT Policies for Start-up?

IT policies are an essential part of IT security and technology administration. So, no matter the size of your company, you should have them. IT policies are an important foundation to protect IT resources of your organization. It’s a guideline for the use of IT which protects the employees from illegal or even damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly. Policies are for the benefit of individual to know what is & what is not acceptable in the organization. In the world where IT is expanding constantly, IT law enforcement is also evolving rapidly. To keep an organization’s asset, both physical and digital, protected, we need to have good IT polices in place from the beginning.

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