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Hello Ninjas, what is the first thing came in your mind when you read the title? You are definitely thinking about what Salesforce means…As the name suggests it is something related to Sales. Whenever we talked about Salesforce there is always a term associated with it which is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). You can take CRM as software that basically manages all the organization’s customers, relationships, interactions, and data. But calling Salesforce just a CRM is like saying house just kitchen. It is very huge than it looks.

Salesforce is software built and maintained by Salesforce itself which means Salesforce is an organization. Let’s understand Salesforce with an example, suppose you are a Car Enthusiast, and you are a very choosy kind of person when it came to buying a new car, you are not ready to compromise with the specification of your car like its engine, or interior etc.

So, what will you do whether you reach out to any Car Expert Manufacturer and ask him to build the car with the given requirement from scratch or you would just search for a Car already existing in the market with specifications closely matching your expected specification? Obviously, the second option will always be a better choice because building a Car from scratch will be a waste of time and money. Same as the second option Salesforce came with some built-in Sales, Marketing, and Service management infrastructure which helps different organizations to manage their customer data efficiently with lesser effort and by investing lesser resources. In the example of the Car, we have concluded that the second option will be a better choice, buying a car which matches our desired specifications. Even if we are not satisfied with any of the functionality of the car there is always an option of customizing the Car. So, salesforce also provides a very easy and convenient way to customize its platform according to organization requirements.

Let’s study different CLOUDS in Salesforce

1 Sales Cloud

Salesforce is actually a cloud-based database that basically stores customers’ data and all the transactions of customers. Sales Cloud provides us with some inbuilt objects (tables in the database) like Account, Contact, Reports, Dashboard, and others which help us manage all the sales-related data efficiently and more correctly. It is basically increasing the performance of an organization’s sales. It is also available as Software as a Service for browsers and mobile apps.

2 Marketing Cloud

Marketing is a vital part of any organization. It is very important for any company to make sure that their product has an identification in the world. Thus, managing all the marketing strategies becomes very important. To solve all these problems Salesforce came with some inbuilt functionality to manage all the marketing-related activities like different marketing campaigns, advertisements, and marketing programs. The marketing cloud consists of different standard objects like leads, opportunities, campaign, etc. Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a suite of tools and features to manage and automate various marketing activities, including email marketing, social media marketing, mobile messaging, advertising, customer journey mapping, and analytics.

3 Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a customer service platform developed by Salesforce that allows businesses to manage customer support and service interactions across various channels, such as phone, email, chat, social media, and self-service portals. Service cloud consists of different standard objects like cases. It provides businesses with a complete view of their customers, empowering them to deliver personalized and efficient customer service experiences. Service Cloud is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Salesforce products, such as Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, to provide a complete view of the customer across the entire customer journey. It also integrates with other third-party tools and data sources to provide a comprehensive customer service solution for businesses of all sizes.

How to start our learning journey in Salesforce?

After reading all the above stuff the first question that arrives in your mind would be “How should I start learning Salesforce?”. The simple answer to this question is Trailhead. Trailhead is a comprehensive platform to learn Salesforce for free. It provides us with different modules related to different roles in Salesforce with Quizzes and Hands-on challenges. It also provides us points, badges, and super badges after completing modules. It also provides us with different certifications for different roles.

To start things of we need to visit the Salesforce website where we can explore different roles in Salesforce like Admin, Developer, Architect, Consultant, and Business Analyst. We must study these roles so that we could relate our interests to any role and start a career in the same.

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