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This has been the 3rd quarter in a row now, I am focusing on learning new things Angular brings in its major upgrade. So far I learned Angular 12, 13 and 14 and this time I am focusing on Angular version 15. Angular version was released in November 2022 and basically it is an update to Angular 14. It has few new features and it is more stable than the previous versions. Now let’s focus on some of the new and interesting things Angular is offering in version 15.

Standalone Components – In Angular 15, the standalone components are more stable. Standalone components were first introduced in Angular 14 and you can find more details here about what are standalone components and how it made the developers life easy.

NgOptimizedImage Directive is Stable – NgOptimizedImage directive was submitted as a “developer preview” feature in Angular version 14.2, and now it is fully operable in Angular 15. This helps to reduce the download time of the images in your application. This improves image loading performance by enforcing best practices. NgOptimizedImage ensures that the loading of the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) image is prioritized by:

  • Automatically setting the fetchpriority attribute on the tag
  • Lazy loading non-priority images by default
  • Asserting that there is a corresponding pre-connect link tag in the document head

Stack Traces are more Helpful – Another feature which will make developers life easy is that the stack trace in Angular are cleaner and hence more useful to understand the debugging stack.

Strict Mode Enhancements – Angular 15 introduces enhanced strict mode settings, which provide additional checks and stricter enforcement of coding practices. With stricter templates, type checking, and error handling, developers can catch potential bugs and issues at compile-time, resulting in more reliable and maintainable code. It also helps developers to catch the bug.

Enhancement in Angular Materical – The new version introduces a wide range of new components, including data tables, expansion panels, and sliders, expanding the options available for developers to create rich and interactive user interfaces. Also, many existing components are refactored based on the Angular Material Design Components (MDC) for the Web.

Improved Angular CLI – The Angular Command Line Interface is more improved in Angular version 15. It introduced several productive enhancements including faster compilation time, enhanced error reporting etc. These updates empower developers to generate code, and perform common tasks more efficiently.

Conclusion: Angular 15 introduces lots of exciting features and improvements, further solidifying its position as a leading JavaScript framework. From performance enhancements, Stack trace enhancement and strict mode improvements, Angular 15 empowers developers to build faster, more reliable, and highly interactive web applications. By staying up to date with the latest versions of Angular, developers can use the power of these features and deliver exceptional user experiences. But don’t forget that the major upgrades also come with some breaking changes as well, so before you upgrade to the Angular version 15, you might need to review and refactor parts of your Angular application.

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