Life @ Elastik

Employee Engagement

At Elastik Teams, we constantly strive to create a better work environment every new day. We connect every day to discuss topics like the quest for delivery excellence, tech trending topics, progress on goals, Blog discussions, Book reading sessions, cool/interesting things to build/work on, and talking about our customers along with fun activities every week. We aim to keep the creativity flowing, and ideas generating. We encourage our employees to challenge themselves and keep being proactive. We also plan activities other than WFO like treks, staycations, workstations, and lunches.

Kaun Banega Champion

At Elastik Teams, we understand the importance of employee engagement. We believe that engaging and interactive virtual employee engagement games are an excellent way to keep our team members engaged, connected, and motivated, and foster team spirit. These games not only promote teamwork and also friendly & healthy competition. It also provides an opportunity for our team members to socialize and have fun outside of work.

Lunch Meet-ups

At Elastik Teams, we believe that building strong relationships among our team members is crucial for a positive and productive work environment. One way we encourage this is through our lunch meet-ups to connect and interact over a shared lunch.

This initiative is designed to foster informal conversations, brainstorming, and collaboration among our team members. We believe that lunch meet-ups are an excellent way to build strong relationships and contribute to a positive work environment.


We organize treks and hikes for our team members to promote physical activity, build team spirit, and foster relationships among our team members.


We organize and also encourage team members to work remotely while taking a vacation to promote work-life balance and provide team members with a change of scenery and a chance to recharge and promote mental wellness.

This results in increased productivity and work satisfaction among team members who have participated.

Virtual Events

We have initiated virtual events that include a range of activities designed to bring people together in a virtual setting Such as Holi, Elegance of Womanhood, etc.
We believe that virtual events are an excellent way to maintain relationships and build new ones, even in a remote work environment.