How It Works

Elastik Team is a Team of Highly-Qualified and Experienced Technology Pros. Our Elastik Teams, along with our company, have Decades of Experience in Building, Implementing and Supporting Scalable IT Solutions.

Ready When You Are!

How Do We Take Your Business From Good To Great?

Elastik Teams is a team of highly-qualified & experienced technology pros. Our Elastik Teams have decades of experience in building, implementing and supporting Scalable IT Solutions.

Analyze your needs

Elastik Teams assigns you your organization a Technical Business Analyst to help you examine in detail and prioritize your goals, as well as to serve as a liaison between your Elastik Team and your Team. The Technical BA,  in conjunction with your team, create a path to follow.

Develop a customized plan
Elastik Teams will provide your organization with a copy of a customized plan of action. It includes, but it’s not limited to, technical requirements documentation and a proposal with time lines, team members, tech specs and pricing. Both pieces include the work to be performed and the expectations on your part. Clearly stated and delineated to make sure your 100% satisfied.
Implement Your Solution
 Elastik Teams uses the latest technologies and tools to implement your solution. In addition, we follow Agile methodology to make sure the time of your team is highly optimized and efficient. Furthermore, we hand-pick our team members with the right set of skills and experience to make your project a complete success.
Elastik Teams Members - Fast & Simple

At the same time, your Team Members are a part of the Elastik Teams organization, which will allow them to grow and thrive in a culture optimized for their long-term professional success. We measure our team members’ success by your satisfaction.
Your dedicated Team Members are yours. They are 100% committed to you. Over time, they will become a part of your organization’s culture and work stream, similar to any other full-time employee. Elastik Team Members are ready to get engaged from day one.
In addition, you will get the expertise and oversight of one of our Technical Business Analysts to make sure everything is going well and you’re satisfied with your decision.

Elastik Delivery Team - Focused & Effective
We understand that in some cases, an Elastik Team may not be the best fit. We can provide the same services on a project-based technology solution. In this case, we assign an Elastik Delivery Team. The same concept as an Elastik Team, the difference is, with a specific goal and in a more traditional hourly approach. In the end we will provide you the same professional, effective and value-based result.